BreachCompilation: 1.4 Billion Password

While scanning the deep and dark web for stolen, leaked or lost data, 4iQ discovered a single file with a database of 1.4 billion clear text credentials — the largest aggregate database found in the dark web to date.
None of the passwords are encrypted, and what’s scary is the 4iQ has tested a subset of these passwords and most of the have been verified to be true. Continue reading “BreachCompilation: 1.4 Billion Password”

Featured Extensions of Firefox Quantum

In August of 2015, Mozilla announced that the legacy XPCOM- and XUL-based extension systems would be deprecated in favor of the WebExtension API. Between that date and November, 2017, both legacy and WebExtension add-ons were supported in some fashion. With the release of Firefox 57 (Quantum) in November, 2017, WebExtensions became the only supported API for extension development. Continue reading “Featured Extensions of Firefox Quantum”