Microsoft Graph API

Microsoft Graph is a RESTful web API that enables you to access Microsoft Cloud service resources. After you register your app and get authentication tokens for a user or service, you can make requests to the Microsoft Graph API.

Microsoft Graph API supports to connect Personal OneDive and OneDrive for business. So far, only fkalis/bash-onedrive-upload can back up by using the Microsoft Graph API.

Detail: OneDrive For Business CLI



Using your office365 account or Microsoft account to login this website.

Add a Converged application

Input the name of application, and click next.

Generate New Password

This is the only time when the password will be displayed. Please store it securely. If you miss it, recreate the password and delete old one.

Create a new platform

Choose Web and enter a Redirect URI. You can use http://localhost, which depends on the setting of backup tool you use. This URI will only be used for the authorization process.

Add Delegated Permissions

  • Files.Read
  • Files.Read.All
  • Files.Read.Selected
  • Files.ReadWrite
  • Files.ReadWrite.All
  • Files.ReadWrite.AppFolder
  • Files.ReadWrite.Selected

Check Application ID

Return the list of Applications, and record it.

Finally, you will get credentials of API.

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