FeedBurner + Domain = Self Feed Manager

FeedBurner is a feed management service that allows blog owners and podcasters to share and track their feeds with powerful tools.

So far, only FeedBurner can manage the feeds for free, and support to custom the domain. Furthermore, we can use the CDN to unlock it in some country, like China.


Login with Google account–>My Account–>MyBrand, Copy the CNAME record.

Add CNAME Record

Add your domain to Cloudflare, and add the CNAME record of FeedBurner.

Before save and active the domain on FeedBurner, DON’T TRAFFIC TO DOMAIN THROUGH CDN! Or you will get the error and fail to save.

Change Domain

Return to FeedBurner. Save and active the domain.

After that, changing the feeds.feedburner.com to feeds.yourdomain.com at the origin feed link of FeedBurner.

Enable CDN

After you enable the CDN, the FeedBurner will show the error again. It doesn’t matter, just ignore it. You have set up successfully.


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