Deploy Tiny Tiny RSS on OpenShift Container Platform

Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.

Tiny Tiny RSS has supported all main platform and lots of plugins to extend its function. It’s good if we could own self ttrss server. Now I will show how to deploy it on openshift to enjoy the stable and free service.


Login the OpenShift website and open the console webpage.

Create DataBase

OpenShift offers two types of database with presistent storage, MySQL and PostgreSQL. The latter one, PostgreSQL, requires less memory, so I will use it here.

If you don’t create a project before, you will be ask to enter the project name. The other variables is fine with the defeat value.

Click “Create”, you will get the credential of database, and write down them.

Go to Application–>Services, view and record the cluster IP of datebase. It’s DB_HOST.

Deploy TTRSS Container

Add to project–>Deploy Image

Search “b1nitp7iw/s2i-php7-ttrss“, set up the environment variables.

  • DB_TYPE (optional, defeat pgsql)
  • DB_PORT (optional, defeat 5432)
  • SELF_URL_PATH (The website address of ttrss, like
  • TIMEZONE (optional, defeat Asia/Shanghai)

The name rule of openshift applications is:
The detail rule of all region, you can see here.

Create expose route. Make sure it is the same with the part of SELF_URL_PATH.

Optimize TTRSS

Open the deployed application and login. The Docker image has created a defeat account admin/password. Please change the password as soon as possible.

Go to Preferences–>Enable API Access to support client.

Go to Plugins–>Enable fever(for IOS) and af_zz_imgproxy(unblock some websites).


The Docker Image (b1nitp7iw/s2i-php7-ttrss) use crontab to update the feeds per 5 minutes.

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