Install Oneindex on OpenShift Container Platform

Onedrive Directory Index(Oneindex) is a php web application aims at sharing files on the OneDrive easily by using the Microsoft Graph API. This post will introduce the process of installing and the persistent storage With OpenShift that has not been mentioned yet.

Deploy Image

Create a project, Search the docker image b1nitp7iw/oneindex and click the deploy button.

Attach Persistent Storage

All data will be lost when the running instance is off. Therefore, mounting the persistent storage to the container for avoiding the accident.
Storage–>Create Storage

Application–>Developments–>onindex–>Actions–>Add Storage

The mount path is the directory for keeping the persistent data on the container. If you want to change its default value(/data), the environment MPATH will be required for the development.

Create Route

  • Enable the Secure route
  • TLS Termination: Edge
  • Insecure Traffic: Redirect, make sure all request to HTTPS

Add Environments

  • DOMAIN (opitional), to configure the redirect url that is same with the route created for the Microsoft Graph API
  • RCONFIG (opitional), using the cloud storage to back up the config and cache folders if you want to pass the step creating the volumn of openshift.
    Point a direct download link of the config file of rclone to this env. The first item will be used on the file.

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